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Sound Synergy was created from  following my passion with drumming and rhythm. It has unlocked a multitude of pathways and opportunities that one could only dream about.


Australian born, I travelled for years following life and love, leading me to South Africa in 99 where I settled for 10 years. This period of time changed the course of my life.

It was here I connected deeply to drumming by immersing myself within African culture and their music. I travelled up to study with master drummers in Ghana & was also mentored from Zulu elders, performers and musicians from South Africa. During this time I played, performed and honed my craft, producing an interactive drumming show that led myself and African performers around the country uniting all races and cultures in South Africa in the decade that follwed apartheid. 


It was an extrodinary experience, and one that put me in a variety of amazing situations from collaborting with African choir's to the facilitation of an 1000 person drum circle in Sun City South Africa.

To further my facilitation experience I studied with keynote presenter & famed Remo Drummer Arthur Hull, participating in his ground breaking rhythmical alchemy workshops in America. 


Back home living in NNSW Australia with my family, I currently specialize in providing customized rhythmical session’s to suit a multitude of different scenarios. I regularly run sessions for Schools, Healthy Aging Programs, Musical Therapy programs for Aged Care /Dementia clients, Special Needs and also present Teambuilds for Corporate Companies.


Each participant in the session is provided with a djembe drum as well as other percussion instruments. I have produced an external sound track sourced from time spent travelling the world, that is DJ’d in real time providing the rhythmical foundation for the sessions.(Pulse Beat Music soon available online)

Whether it be a class of Kindergarten students to a room full of Pilots or Lawyers, my gift is the ability to connect with each and every person attending, and make it an unforgettable musical experience that they will treasure. 




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