Elder Beats

It's all about the rhythm

 Over 50's Drum Circle

The Byron Bay Elder Beats were established in 2013. An idea for a Healthy Ageing program to be held at the Byron Bay Community Centre with Sound Synergy Drumming quickly morphed into one of the most successful seniors programs in Australia. The seniors that attend this amazing session are some of the most vibrant energetic characters of their age on the planet. Numerous stories & films have been made on the individuals that attend. This is a very welcoming group and new people drop in each week. We are open to any senior looking to give African drumming a try. The session is designed for all levels. Our oldest drummer attending is 98 :)

Every Tuesday @10.30 in the Byron Bay Community Centre unless otherwise stated.$10pp  Drums provided.

If you can't make it to the session why not look at our online option below.



044 992 3114


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