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                High Energy Interactive Drumming Sessions

Professional entertainment performing at Australia's biggest Festivals

Sound Synergy brings the high energy vibe to all types of Festivals and Events. We bring an array of African Drums & percussion instruments for all the participants to use. We set up a full PA system to play unique Tribal Drum Backing Beats and get the crowd fully mooving and grooving, immersed in a rhythmical drum circle that sets the bar to new heights.

We tailor our sessions to suit the dynamic we are working with whether that be for young children at "Little Splendour in the Grass" or yogi's at Wanderlust Festival. Rest assured our experience will best represent your festival/event in the best way possible.

Drumming together can bring people of all ages and backgrounds together  in one of the simplest most fun forms of music  making. The primal beats lay a foundation for strangers to connect by playing and experiencing the  rhythm as one.

" The transformative power of drumming a rhythm together is a magical art form  that  releases pure creative energy and connects participants on a deep level."


Trudi Luke - Manager

Little Splendour

9  succesive years & counting at Splendour in the Grass.....We love you!

Amada Hill - Yoga Teacher

Wanderlust Festival

Im a Yoga teacher so my  friends found it hilarious that my favourite class of the whole Wanderlust Festival was drumming... the energy was just incredible!!! So much fun..Thank You so much :)

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