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Lifting the Energy of any Event to the Next Level.

Live World Percussion Instruments - DJ'd Afro Drum Loops - Handsonic Percussion Pad Samples -

Sound Synergy has the equipment and experience to  join your next project and take it to the next level. Experienced in all genre's of music we have a variety of experience accompanying bands,  jamming with DJ's or doing solo performances with our own dance friendly world afro/ragga music. Adding percussion can add that little bit of spice and livelyness to music and any event. We have even collarberated with Yoga instructors DJing mixes and adding live percussion to Yoga sessions. Sound Synergy is open to working with any ideas you may have or leave a brief and we will make a plan.


  • 4 X 15' PA

  • Mixer

  • Microphones

  • Djembes

  • Bass Drums

  • Frame Drums

  • Bongo Drums

  • Percussion Blocks

  • Cymbals

  • Handsonic sample pads

  • + variety of weird and wonderful percussion sounds

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