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Sound Synergy has created an interactive drumming session especially to cater for young children wanting to explore drumming and rhythm.

The Children's sessions have been carefully crafted to work within the Early Years Learning Framework.

We bring African Drums & percussion toys for each child to participate in a captivating rhythmical show. Our African djembe drums are super easy to play and we have small sizes especially for children.

The focus is to get all the kids engaged, involved and having fun, interacting with one another through drumming and rhythm. Drumming is great for concentration and listening skills but also promotes self-expression and creativity in a fun and interesting way.

No previous musical experience is necessary and children of different ages can mix together to enjoy a carefree session.

We introduce the drums and percussion toys such as (shakers, bells & woodblocks) and explore their sounds, tempo’s as well as call & response games. An amazing soundtrack has been carefully crafted to enable the children to be layered within it and play along to the ultra funky beats.

The drumming session creates an awesome atmosphere and teachers and carers are also encouraged to join in the fun. Children’s drumming sessions are an exciting unique activity that thoroughly engages all the participants and awakens their ears to the beat and rhythm.


Iabell Borelli - Director

Ballina Fox St Pre School

"Gareth creates musical magic with his assortment of musical instruments and his ability to get the very young to the old moving to the beat of their own drum. The sound is unbelievable and everyone especially our pre-schoolers. wants the show to go on and on and on. No school should miss the opportunity to make beautiful music with Sound Synergy "

Narelle Dewhurst - Director St Annes Long Day Care Centre

"Gareth has been visiting our Children’s Centre for 6 years with children in classes now who know him and on the day of his visit wait in anticipation to visit the ‘drumming room". What is most important to  us is that Gareth is not only highly skilled but he has such a respectful and friendly rapport with the children. Gareth has an engaging manner and is intuitive in relation to the children, with an understanding of what the children can manage depending on their age or what they can manage depending on their emotional disposition. He teaches them about rhythm and beat, adapting his program accordingly! The best thing also is that Gareth includes all the children (it’s a real workshop!) equipped with enough instruments for all children to participate. Gareth not only teaches the older children about rhythm and beat but also about the history of the drums, how to care for the instruments, and how to ‘feel’ the music that makes us feel good! We now anticipate next year’s workshops".

Melissa Underwood - Director Woolongbar Pre-School

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and expertise with the children! Your drumming experience was absolutely amazing, fun, interactive and full of learning opportunities for the children. The feedback from the children, staff and families has been fantastic. I will look forward to seeing you again !

Lynette Funnel - Educational Leader Lismore Pre-School

"Children and educators alike very much look forward to our Soundsynergy drumming sessions!  Gareth displays a truly genuine interest in connecting with children, seeing the value in taking the time to listen and wait and get in "tune" with their own personal rhythms, no matter what their learning style, in order to provide a unique yet shared musical experience.  The sessions help children and adults to build an awareness of sound, pitch, tempo,and movement and to experience pure joy through physical interaction with the drums and other instruments, providing a wonderful outlet for expressive communication and leaving us with a feeling of being uplifted and re-vitalised! "

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