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                            Your School In Rhythm

Sound Synergy provides customised drumming sessions for your school. We offer a multitude of options for drum and rhythm workshops, prefect leadership courses, teambuilding exercises, school camp,  entertainment or motivational high energy year end celebrations.

Our sessions offer fun and exciting ways for your students to interact, and also provide a great foundation for social development. All students get to explore various percussion instruments and participate as a group in a musical journey that will enrich and maximise the potential of everyone involved .

Benefits of a Sound Synergy Drumming Session at your  school


  • Promotes Creative Expression

  • Builds Self Esteem

  • Improves Listening and Concentration Skills

  • Stimulates Peer Relationships

  • Co-Operation in Groups

  • Transcends Competition Between Peers

  • Releases Stored Tension/Stress Reliever

  • Reduces Patterns of Anxiety and Depression


Rohan Mills - Year 12 Co-ordinator

Genesis Christian College

“Gareth is a passionate and energetic guy who brings a level of excitement as well as high quality gear along to his school sessions. For the past few years he’s had a great impact on the opening night of our Year 12 Camp, engaging students to help bring the cohort together.”

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